Too hot or too cold you could enjoy the perfect environment with class leading systems, here at County power we install air-conditioning of all types and sizes, we can install a simple wall mounted system for your dining room, for your bedroom or for your conservatory. We could install a full heating and cooling system for your entire home. It may be that you have a server room that needs constant calling we can do that too. We can provide air-conditioning solutions for all manner of situations whether it be a single occupant office or a building that contains hundreds of people.

We use technology that is from the market leaders in air-conditioning such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Panasonic. All these modern technologies are super-efficient, that means they’re extremely economical to run whether you’re using it in cooling mode or heating mode and in some situations the systems can run simultaneously heating and cooling.

We all understand how difficult it can be to keep your workforce happy and productive, if the environment they working is at the correct temperature then you can reckon productivity will definitely go up and your staff will be much happier and a happy workforce makes for a happy boss.

Modern heating systems can consist entirely of heat recovery ventilation systems coupled to heat pump reverse cycle heating and cooling system to condition the air to exactly the way you would like it.

But if you just want a simple air-conditioner to keep your office cold, to keep your surgery cool, to keep your reception cold that’s fine we can do that too and the bonus is that all modern air-conditioners also supply heating. This means that you have a form of heating that is far more efficient to run than any other form of heating currently available on the market.

So, whatever your industry; whatever your business; whatever your product; whatever your concern if the space needs air-conditioning heating or cooling,  give County Power a call we are qualified f-gas engineers located in the Kettering, Corby area, the Leicester and Northampton area and the Peterborough and Huntingdon area.

We provide a callout service, a maintenance service and an installation service.

Depending on the equipment purchased we can now offer warranties between one and seven years. We won’t tie you into a service contract, but conditions do apply to meet the warranty requirements.

So, give County Power a call today, will be delighted to design an air-conditioning system that suits your requirements and suits your budget so please talk to us about it and we will do our best to accommodate what you require.

Please visit our contact us to get in touch with us today.