Is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Important?

Did you know the average adult, when resting, inhales and exhales about 13kg of air a day! Compare that with how much food and drink you consume, that can be nearly 5 times as much!

Yet when we look around us we find so much advice on healthy eating and drinking. Do we ever think about healthy breathing?

The air we breathe is vital. It affects our lungs, our heart and our brain. Now more than ever, particularly with COVID-19, we as humans have become even more concerned about Air quality.  

Here in the UK we spend a large part of our day indoors. The most common estimate being around 90% of our day. With that astonishingly high figure we would want to make sure the air we are breathing, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is clean.

BESA recommends 2 technologies that support Air Quality.

  1. MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. These are great way to reduce energy consumption while still maintaining good ventilation. 

  1. Filters

Your filters are essential to removing any major pollutants in your air.

To improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) please get In touch with County Power today.

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