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I think most of us are tired of 2020 by now, so let’s take this opportunity to look ahead at what exciting things are happening within the HVAC industry, and what we predict could happen in our near future!

Heat Pump Boilers

Air source and Ground source heat pump boilers aren’t a new technology. They’ve been around for some time now. But technology is always improving. Manufacturers are constantly developing quieter, more energy-efficient, and smaller units.

This is good as the government is keen to reduce our carbon footprint, and will be implementing many changes.

Focusing on our industry alone, by 2023 no new homes will be heated by gas boilers. Only renewable sources of heating. And currently, the most cost-effective, and energy-efficient method of this is Heat Pump boilers.

We would highly recommend all to look at future-proofing their homes now, by seriously considering a heat pump boiler as your properties heating source.

You can find out more about the recent changes to the RHI Regulations in the link below.

More information regarding the benefits of having heat pump boilers in your home, and how they work will be published on our blog in the near future. So be sure to follow our social networking pages to stay up to date on the latest information.

Exciting new technology 

If there was ever a benefit to this pandemic, it would be how it’s forced manufacturers to get inventive and develop new technology to help improve the air quality within the workplace or within our homes.

There have been several advancements with air purification systems over the past few months. We intend to share with you what advancements have particularly caught our eyes in a separate blog.

But these advancements have been necessary as we now live in a more health conscience world. We all want to feel safe in the workplace and we want the confidence that the air we breathe is clean and fresh.

Although the primary benefit to air purification is our health and safety, there are other benefits too. Keeping food fresher for longer for example, and reducing the risk of mould within your property.

We will be sure to share all the benefits of air purification with you in the near future.

Post Pandemic Predictions 

We believe that the regulations around how the workplace should be ventilated will change in the near future. The regulations surrounding how we service your air conditioning systems had to change. The cleaning agents we use now has to include disinfectant agents to meet current standards. Change has to happen to improve the quality of our workspace or even our living space.

Sadly some existing ventilation systems probably won’t be suitable anymore. It’s important to check now the condition of your existing systems to ensure they meet current requirements.

We will have to wait and see what the future really holds but we can predict that change will happen and no doubt will implement some of the exciting new technology that’s been developed.

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