What COVID19 means for Air Conditioning

Many people wonder whether air conditioning units should be used during the COVID19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

When air conditioning units are being used in cooling mode the air is drawn through the machine and most of the moisture removed from the air due to the evaporation of the cooling equipment. These moisture particles are then sent down the drain and away to waste. All air is also filtered as it goes through the system hence running the air conditioning is likely going to keep the air cleaner and certainly a more comfortable environment.

The current response from Refcom who are our governing authority and hold our F-Gas certification are advising: “All air conditioning systems should be cleaned and maintained. Filters should be cleaned regularly, and antibacterial sprays should be used to clean the filters and equipment. Fresh air ventilation should be used where possible and if the rooms don’t have any mechanical fresh air ventilation then opening windows or doors slightly is a good option to provide fresh air.”

In summary, we are unaware of any evidence to state that air conditioning equipment is causing a problem in spreading the COVID19 virus and therefore there is no need for any air conditioning systems to be turned off. Most people who suffer with hayfever often find it more beneficial to have the air conditioning running because it cleans and purifies the air to a reasonable extent. The same can be said for the so-called COVID19 virus. Also, during the warmer weather having the air conditioning on will make more comfortable working conditions.

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